Bathroom Fitters

To create a spa-like feel at home or simply fix sinks and toilets, C&S London can help.

The bathroom can be one of those rooms in the house where if something goes wrong you just learn to put up with it, but with help from our London-based bathroom fitters, your bathroom can be the functional room of the house you need it to be as well as a calming place to relax.

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New Bathroom Design and Fit

Our dedicated bathroom fitters work to an extremely high standard and are meticulous in everything they do. Working with any shape, size and budget, you’ll be sure to get your dream bathroom.

From modern and contemporary to traditional designs, we can help from designing your new bathroom through to supplying the parts and fitting, whether you’re updating or refitting.

Sink, Toilet and Basin Replacements

C&S’s bathroom fitters can also help with any odd jobs and tasks that you may require. Whether your problem lies with your sink, basin, toilet or cistern, we will complete it in short time frames so we’re out of your hair quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, contact C&S today for your local bathroom fitters in London.


Fitted Bathroom

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