Plumbing London

With a wide choice of plumbing services available in London, you’re sure to find what you need from C&S

Good plumbing lay the foundations for your bathroom. C&S can help with a range of services to ensure that your home plumbing is in full working order.

For emergency and non-emergency plumbing, C&S are your local plumbing experts covering the London area.

With many years’ experience, and a host of happy clients, our expert engineers can help with a range of plumbing services.

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Water, Draining and Plumbing

Carrying out work on your water system at home can be a confusing world to navigate and one that should be left to the experts.

Plumbing professionals C&S have an ever expanding list of services that can help with your water, draining and plumbing needs.

New Boiler Installation and Boiler Servicing

Our highly qualified engineers will ensure your boiler is correctly installed and in full working order. Boilers can last for over 10 years so it’s important to know yours is working as well as it should be.

Installed by clean and tidy professionals, C&S will talk you through every step of the installation to ensure you’re up to date with every step of the process so we keep everything as straightforward and understandable as we can.

Equally, we can do regular check-ups to ensure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible.

New Radiators

Plumbing new radiators can be an arduous task, and one that can require lots of research to ensure you get it right. Let C&S take the heat off by installing your radiators and pipes and keeping your radiator working as efficiently as it can.

If you’ve got a plumbed radiator (a radiator that uses a boiler to heat hot water that is then circulated around your pipes in your home) then C&S can install it properly for you.

Heating, Water Pressure and Leaks

Does it sometimes feel like there’s always something going wrong in your home? If it’s not one thing that’s broken, then something is probably leaking. We’ve all been there and all put up with problems that we don’t need to. Now, with C&S’ list of comprehensive services you can avoid living with complex heating and water issues.

Mixers and Tap Repair and Replacements

If your mixers and taps are leaking or are not working as efficiently, you could be wasting energy and losing money on your household bills.

Let C&S take the effort out of your plumbing problems with our full range of tap repair and replacement services.

For a full list of our plumbing services, contact C&S today to get started.


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