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Add a personal touch to your home with a comfortable nook where you can relax and unwind with bespoke window seats. A perfect marriage of style and function, window seats offer an attractive and comfortable addition to any space.

Bespoke window seats look attractive and can be teamed up with a vast array of different fabrics and cushions to complement the look and style of a room. Opt for ultra-cosy with a variety of cushions added to your seat, or go for a sleek and modern feel by leaving the seat uncovered. The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless.

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Whether you’re looking to utilise a bay window or prefer to maximise under-the-stair space, window seats offer the ideal solution. No matter what the look of your décor, C&S can create a fully bespoke storage and seating solution to perfectly suit your style and taste.

Added Storage

Why not consider having built-in storage beneath the seat? This is particularly useful when space is at a real premium. A window seat not only looks attractive, but fully utilises all available space and enables further storage solutions.


C&S Interiors can design fully bespoke window seats complete with grills at the back to enable heat to escape. Considering every last detail is what C&S Interiors does best, and with expertise in utilising every last inch of space, your bespoke window seat will not only have the wow factor and perfectly tie in with the room; it will also be a perfect clutter-free storage solution.

Add A Personal Touch Today

Window seats add a personal touch to a space and are tailored to your lifestyle and your space. Contact C&S today to discuss your made-to-measure window seat and see how your space can be transformed with a perfect window seat to help watch the day go by.


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