Alcove Units London

Whether you’re in pursuit of minimalistic, simple lines, or a highly detailed crafted piece, you are guaranteed to find an alcove unit that perfectly complements your space, your vision and your budget with C&S Interiors.


Space – saving solution with unique design

Alcove units offer far more than a space-saving solution; they are unique features in their own right. Enhancing your room with a beautifully bespoke alcove unit will not only add a wow factor to your space but also deliver functionality and a practical storage solution.

We will incorporate eye-catching accent lighting within your unit’s design, to showcase your personal pieces and treasured items. If you are looking for a more contemporary design, our glass shelving offers a suitable alternative to wood finishes and enhances spaces with a modern style.

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Experts at arranging cables in a stylish approach

Create a focal point without wires, and house your TV and audio system in a stylish way without any loose cables affecting the look of your space.

We can create a beautifully bespoke alcove unit that hides your wires whilst also keeping them accessible if they are needed.


Requirements for an individual and hand-crafted furniture is provided

Whether you are looking for stylish shelving or beautifully hand-crafted cupboards or drawers, C&S Interiors can create a unique alcove unit which complements your space and your lifestyle.
If you would like to discuss your unique design further, contact C&S today.


alcove units

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alcove units

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alcove units london

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