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For a quick and easy way to get a bespoke quote on our services, use our convenient form below.

Simply upload an image of the furniture you’d like – you can use one from our services gallery, or upload your own, then upload an image or drawing of your room so we can see layout and approximate sizes. When you’ve done that, pop in your contact details and any other information we may need to know and hit submit.

We’ll be in touch shortly with an estimate quote for the work so if you’re looking to add alcove units, window seats, loft wardrobes or more, but are not sure it’s within budget, we can help get you started.

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What should I do if I'm having trouble using the Quote Online feature?show

If you're having trouble using our Quote Online feature, please Book A Free Design Visit and one of our expert designers will arrange a convenient appointment to meet and provide free estimates.

After making a Quote Online form submission, how long will it take to receive my estimate?show

You will receive your estimate within 24 hours of submitting your request.

Can I make any savings through using the Quote Online feature?show

Absolutely. We will gift you 5% off of your final invoice upon project completion.

How accurate do I need to be with my measurements when submitting a Quote Online form?show

We don't expect your measurements to be very accurate. When and if you decide to go ahead with our estimated quote, we'll arrange a convinient time for us to conduct a survey. Here we will then take measurements ourselves to prepare the final drawings for you to sign off