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If you’re looking to build an extension in your loft or simply need more storage to keep the room neat and tidy, our high-quality, tailored loft wardrobes are for you.

Fit for Any Shape and Size

Nowadays, loft spaces are much more than a place to hide Christmas decorations until the following year. To make the most out of your loft, think of it as an extension of your home and an additional room with endless design and storage possibilities.

Style-wise it’s a blank canvas to play with. As every home is different, there’s shape and size to consider but our bespoke storage solutions can help eradicate those day-to-day design challenges.

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What’s great about lofts is that they allow you to utilise the architecture of your home; sloping ceilings and angled alcoves can all help you enhance the structure of the space.

At C&S Interiors, we’ve got a range of loft wardrobes designed to suit your needs, from loft and attic wardrobes to under-eave storage, leaving no gaps between design and wall for a complete end-to-end design and seamless finish.

Loft Wardrobes

Our loft wardrobes work with the geometry of your home to combat any design problems. We’ll help you get the most out of your space and maximise your storage potential by turning a dingy and functional loft space into a design haven with a superior finish every time

Guaranteed to not only complement your existing space but also enhance it, helping your home be the best it possibly can.

Attic Wardrobes

If you’re using your attic as a spare room, our wardrobe solutions are key. Attic storage, which fits into any shape no matter how small, is fundamental to keeping a neat and tidy home.

Under-Eaves Storage

Arguably this is the most difficult space to fill as there’s sloping height and width to battle with, but C&S loft solutions can fit into any confined space. We fit to the shape of the room without taking too much free-space away.

What’s next?

We specialise in high-quality loft storage and we’re passionate about providing the right solution for you. Our premium tailored wardrobes will create unique and dynamic storage for your home. We even show you realistic photos of your proposed purchase so you know what to expect before you commit.

Lofts can be much more than you ever thought, so unleash the possibilities with storage solutions. Whether your home needs a sleek and sophisticated storage solution or an all-out wall fixture, you are guaranteed to find what you need.

Contact C&S today for more information and to discuss your exciting new project.


Loft Wardrobe Interior

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Loft Wardrobe Interior

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