Electrical and Audio Installation

With a full range of electrical services available to you, C&S can help with anything related to electrical and audio installation.

Electricals can be a pretty tricky thing to master, and in the interest of safety we’d recommend getting a professional to do any at-home electrical work.

Here at C&S, we’ve got a wealth of experience with electrical installation. We’re fully qualified to carry out a range of electrical and audio work throughout the home, so whether you need a new socket installed, rewiring or other tasks, we can help.

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Rewiring a house is a complex task that you should never undertake unless you are a skilled professional. The team at C&S are fully qualified to complete electrical work at home, so if you need part or full rewiring, C&S can get the job done.

Socket and light fittings

Changing sockets and light fittings may seem like a straightforward job, but as with any electrical task, you should only undertake it if you are trained to do so. C&S Interiors can safely change sockets and light fittings in your home.

Shower fitment

Whether you want a new-look shower for a spa-like experience or a brand new fitment, we can help you install any type of shower. We can also work with your current plumbing system or install a new one.

Garden lighting

For an al fresco experience that’ll be sure to keep your outdoor soirée going past sunset, add a range of subtle outdoor lighting to complete the ambience.

Don’t let lack of power sockets stop you, C&S can install garden lighting that will keep the party going.

Power to outbuildings

Have an outbuilding that you’re looking to convert or just add some light to so it’s easy to find everything you need? Then you’ll need power connected to your outhouse and here at C&S we can install the power line quickly and efficiently.

Testing and certification

We’re highly trained and skilled technicians that can complete any electrical task at home so you don’t have to.

Cooker circuits

If you’re doing a refit of a kitchen and need cooker circuits installed, C&S can provide a quick and efficient service that will have you cooking in no time.

So if you need any electrical or audio work in your home, get in touch today for a quote and installation.


Electrical and audio blueprint

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