How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Dining Table

Studio apartments are becoming more popular and it’s easy to see why. With their self-contained space and the opportunity to downgrade on unnecessary ‘stuff’ that they provide, studio apartments can have you thinking big in a small space. And as the amount of space that we have to live in seems to be getting smaller, it’s important to know how to make the most of it.


This is an idea that will many a hoarder shudder but moving into a studio apartment is the perfect time to reduce the number of things that you own.

It’s best to do this before you move in so you’re not left with boxes and bags of things with no home.

It’s time to start being a little bit strict with yourself: do you really need it? When was the last time you used it? If the answer is no or you can’t remember, it’s probably best to sell it on, donate it to charity or just bin it.

We regularly have a clear out and if we’ve not used anything in the last 12 months without good reason, we get rid of it; this allows us to stay on top of clutter at home.


Sliding Doors

Wood sliding door

Privacy is a priority at home and sometimes it’s nice to be able to switch off from the rest of the room when going to bed, not to mention the fact that it’s good for your sleep to have a dedicated area in which to snooze.

However, doors can feel a bit cumbersome in a studio apartment, where space is restricted as it is; traditional opening doors may take up space you don’t have. Enter sliding doors: the perfect room divider.

Sliding doors offer the privacy that you crave without taking over the room. You can simply close these when you want to shut a section off yet offer a spacious vibe when they are opened up.


Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, a sliding door can be a design feature in itself, not to mention completely bespoke to your home.


Window Seats

Window seat with integrated storage

Not only a great way to add additional seating to a restricted room, they are also a piece of furniture that allows you to get creative with your storage solutions so they’re perfect as optional seating away from your bed if you don’t have space for a sofa in your studio.

What’s also great about window seats is that they don’t take away any space from the rest of the room. Nestled against the window with storage underneath, these seats can add a real sense of personality and create a comfortable nook at home.



Alcove Units

Shelving and storage

Capitalise on the space you already have by adding shelves to areas such as alcoves. As space is condensed in a studio apartment, it can sometimes feel like furniture is on top of you as you add shelves and cupboards in a bid for extra storage, but building into the natural curve of the building can help create more space.

Adding shelves to alcoves can create a focal point at home without wires and can keep loose items, such as books and ornaments, neat and tidy in one place.



Multi-Purpose Furniture

Home office desk space

Maximise your space with furniture that can act as room dividers and storage. Bookcases, under-furniture storage and shelved units are all great at doing this.


A great way to make space without the furniture being too harsh and taking over the design is to use furniture that you can ‘see through’. We don’t mean transparent material; we mean items like cubed units and open-back bookcases. This allows the eye and light to travel through the piece and means the furniture therefore doesn’t feel as overpowering as before and allows the room to flow quite freely.


You can get these made to measure, so no matter how much space you have to play with you can add storage to complete the look and make day-to-day living easier.



Do you live in a studio apartment? Share your thoughts on the best way to segregate your space by leaving a comment below.

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