Check Out How Much These Famous TV Show Homes Would Cost to Rent or Buy

We are big TV fans here at C & S Interiors, so we thought we’d do a little digging to see what our favourite TV show homes would cost if we wanted to live the dream in one of them.

From New York apartments to lavish condos in Seattle, we’ve drawn up some amazing illustrations to show our favourites.


We explore Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends that’s complete with two bedrooms, a bathroom and its own veranda in an expensive part of the Big Apple, and find that two of our Friends favourites would be unable to afford to live here if it weren’t for Monica’s grandmother and the rent control.


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Take a trip to Manhattan’s West Village to discover Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous studio apartment. We lost many days binge-watching the firm favourite Sex and the City and regularly swooned over the space that Bradshaw occupied. We’re not sure how she afforded an apartment in an expensive part of New York City on a freelancer’s salary, but we wish we could do the same.


If you lost time wondering who the mother was in the New York-based How I Met Your Mother, you may also be interested to know how much it costs to rent the space that Marshall resided in. Don’t forget the apartment building also came with a roof terrace that we watched on the edge of our seats as Ted and Robyn’s would-they-wouldn’t-they love story played out.


Another TV favourite was Frasier – and we loved taking a look at his extravagant residence in Seattle. Needing enough space to house Dr. Crane, his dad and his dad’s dog along with Daphne Moon, the square footage was always going to be impressive. Don’t even get us started on those views…


We even took a look at Only Fools and Horses. After all, we are based in London. As was to be expected, this was the most affordable premises that we looked at but the show is over a decade old.


Take a look through our interactive and see how much these homes would cost you if you wanted to rent or buy them.

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