How to Create a Home Office to Maximise Productivity

If you’re working from home, you want to be inspired. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself, so it’s important to have a dedicated workspace – and with so many of us working from home than ever before, these things are becoming increasingly important.

Where to Start

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As easy as it would be to roll over to the other side of the bed in the morning and log onto your laptop, that’s not the most productive way to spend your day. It’s also unwise to work from the sofa, as that’s where you also watch TV. Because of this, you may find that your mind wanders quite easily, making it more difficult for you to concentrate.


So why not create a designated work area? Whether you’re lucky enough to have an entire room as a home office or you’re creating a cubby to work from, it’s important to have it as your workspace. Then you can also get a proper desk chair, allowing yourself to sit up properly rather than slouching on the sofa.



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A desk is paramount for a home office. Sure, you can work at your dining room table or even sit on the floor, but that’s not going to maximise your productivity. Not to mention the fact that you won’t be able to turn off if every area of your home is work-related. You want to be able to stand up and walk away from work at the end of the day – it’s the least you deserve, so why not make that a priority?


At C&S, we create made-to-measure furniture so no matter what size of area you have to work in, we can create wall-to-wall designs to maximise your space and your style. Whether you’re creating a bedroom study, a dedicated home office or an under-the-stairs cubby, we can fit the furniture for you. We make the most of every part of your room, and what’s more, our furniture is bespoke, so you won’t look like every other desk buddy you’ve ever had.



Offices usually feature quite harsh lights, known as task lighting, but at home you’re more likely to have atmospheric lighting. However, this type of light can be quite relaxing, so it’s a good idea to invest in a bright option for your office or work area. Why not try an uplighter? It’s a middle road between the two and not too sharp on the eye.


Simple Storage

At home office


Organisation is essential when it comes to making a home office work well. Clever storage solutions can help streamline your work environment and ensure you have everything you need to hand and what isn’t easily accessible can be found with ease.


Here at C&S, we make storage solutions to suit any home; we can build up, across or under, so you’re always maximising space. Keep your desk clutter-free and consider clever storage for your home office.


Office Essentials

Everyone has a few fundamental items that they just can’t work without. Consider what helps you work well when you’re setting up your section. Whether that’s a mouse pad, a pen organiser or a comfy chair (we definitely recommend this), if it’ll help you get down to business, you should get it.


A Good Idea

Constantly making notes and to-do lists? Why not get creative with some chalkboard paint so you’ve always got somewhere to jot down those awesome ideas of yours?


You could paint a section of your wall and then you can just write straight on that rather than a notepad, saving paper into the bargain.


Your compact home office can be your own haven if created properly; it’s a whole new meaning to business meets pleasure.


If you’re ready to take the next step with your home office, contact us today and we can help flawlessly merge your personal and professional worlds.

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