Interior Design Styles And Their Impact

Sliding Door Wardrobe

When it comes to furniture creation, the influence of wider interior design trends has an unquestionable impact on the overall style and aesthetic of pieces which are created.

The influence of interior design trends can be seen not only in the bespoke pieces we create but also in the opinions and preferences of our valued customers.

Let’s delve deeper into the vast array of interior design styles out there and their influence on the creation of our bespoke furniture pieces.


With their emphasis on simplicity, minimalist styles are centred on accuracy and clean lines throughout a room’s unique design.

Design influenced by minimalism focuses on destroying clutter and embraces symmetry.

The considered use of neutral colours with brighter accents used sparingly throughout the space is what can bring a modern minimalist style to life.

How We Do It

Sliding door wardrobe

Simplistic designs have the potential to have a dramatic impact upon a space, particularly a home.

By cleverly utilising all available space to minimise clutter and carefully considering the overall aesthetic of the space, our pieces are given the chance to speak for themselves and create a statement within their own right.


When it comes to creating a contemporary interior, cue an eclectic mix of textiles, shapes, unique pieces and upholstered patterns.

Contemporary interior design undergoes constant change and draws inspiration from what is popular and being used at the present time.

Contemporary design mixes and matches various ideas and design traits from different eras, but contemporary interiors do embrace clean lines and simplicity, creating a sleek and fresh look.

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How We Do It

As contemporary styles make use of smooth, geometric shapes, we incorporate this idea into our bespoke pieces. Accent colours work superbly on either a neutral or black and white canvas, and add a wow factor to any space.

Contemporary-style furniture fully embraces the notion of being clean, uncluttered and without too much ornate detail.

An exciting combination of sleek, clean lines and striking accent colours creates a dramatic impact within a modern-day living space.



Timeless tradition is a style that is constantly embraced and will continue to be welcomed by the masses.

The classic style remains hugely popular within traditional design, with a focus on classic shapes, elegance and simplicity.

Traditional design seeks to create a sense of comfort and relaxation within a room, and embraces finely crafted furniture, elegant fabrics, attractive china and intricate furnishings.

How We Do It

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Traditional interiors usually welcome neutral beige, cream or ivory colours. They also embrace finely decorated furniture used both for functional reasons and to create a welcoming and homely feel.

Our traditional pieces are intricately handcrafted with elegance and detail.

Feeling Inspired?

At C&S interiors, we can create fully bespoke pieces that tie in with your vision and complement any design influence.

Whether your space is modern, contemporary, retro or traditional, we will design unique pieces which match your individual preferences.

If you feel inspired and want to discuss your design vision further, contact C&S today.

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