Your Thoughts on the Spare Room Tax Revealed (Survey results)

Spare Room Bedroom

Conducted by C&S Interiors this survey has been built to analyse the nation’s opinions on the Spare Room Subsidy. If you have an additional room in your home – what do you use it for?

Top Statistics

After conducting this survey, C&S Interiors have put together the following key takeaways: Spare Room Bedroom

70.7% of respondents have a spare room in their home

71% of which have only the one additional room

43.6% use their spare room as a guest bedroom

15.7% don’t use their spare room for anything

31% know nothing about the Spare Room Subsidy

17.4% have heard about the Spare Room Subsidy but don’t know what it is

47.3% do not support the bedroom tax

68.3% of people would not downgrade their home to avoid paying bedroom tax

31.7% think it’s very important to reduce the under-occupancy and overcrowding problems with the housing sector

About the Respondents

We surveyed both male and females aged 16 and above and of this, 50.6% of our respondents were male and 49.4% were female with ages ranging from to 76+.

We selected respondents from up and down the country to give a varied response. 56.9% of which owned their own home, with 36.5% renting, and others living with parents or shared ownership. Out of those that answered, 70.7% admitted to having a spare room at home with 71% having only one additional room and 1.8% having five or more.

When asked what this extra room is currently being used at, 15.7% said nothing, whilst 43.6% use their room for a guest bedroom. Some stated that they use their spare room as a laundry room or space for their hobbies, such as sewing or music.


The Spare Room Subsidy

Spare Room Bed

Interestingly, 37.7% of participants did not know what the Spare Room Subsidy is and a further 21.6% had heard of it, but didn’t know anything about it. Of those that answered, 59.9% did not know how or if the Spare Room Subsidy could affect them.

When presented with the following statement: “The Bedroom Tax has been brought to effect with the aim of helping with the under-occupancy or overcrowding what some council or housing association properties face. With this in force, your housing benefit will be reduced if you are in a council or housing association property with an additional room, or more ‘bedrooms’ than occupants.” Only 34.7% supported this statement with 18% agreeing with only parts of it.



Answers included:

Spare Room Bedroom

“I’m not in good health so I need a spare room so people can stay over if needs be.”

“Theoretically it may be good, but it causes practical problems for individuals.”

“If someone is on their own in a three bed home, it’s not fair if a family needs a home.”

“Living in a house that is bigger than your needs have lots of extra expenses and shouldn’t be a burden on the state.”

“You should only get what you actually need”


11.4% of survey participants pay Bedroom Tax whereas 88.7% of those that don’t pay bedroom tax were also unaware of how much those that need to pay it are charged. 68.3% were not prepared to downgrade the size of their home to avoid paying the Spare Room Subsidy.

Finally, 45.5% and 31.7% think it’s fair important and very important respectively to reduce the under-occupancy and overcrowding problems with the housing sector.

What do you think? Are you paying the Spare Room Subsidy or know someone that is and would like to add your opinion then get in touch today.




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