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Whether you are a clutter bug or occasional hoarder, we all seem to poses a certain amount of ‘ stuff’.

We personalize our spaces with material artefacts that create and reflect our identity.

But without a certain selective process helping us filter what we actually want in our homes, or indeed even need, that ‘stuff’ can quickly get out of hand.


The Darker Side of Home-when mess takes over

‘Stuff ‘makes a home for sure. But it’s not just the physical structure; it’s the belongings inside of it that transforms a house into a home. However, if you get too much stuff, you can actually erode that sense of security and connections with others inside your home, to where the ‘home’ becomes more of a scary, depressing place which can affect your psychological wellbeing. Much has been written on the psychology of clutter, but in summary;

Behavioural Psychologists say that clutter in our living environment is a form of procrastination. Having loads of superfluous stuff around us gets in the way of accessing the very things we need and inhibits clear thinking. This translates into accomplishing less of what we need to get done. Plus, mess is never attractive.



What’s the best way to avoid getting ‘overstuffed ‘then…?

Prioritise items and apply creative STORAGE SOLUTIONS.

I suggest a few tips, by way of preparation, ahead of considering commissioning any bespoke joinery storage solutions.

Sort Your Items

It sounds obvious I know, but how many of us just put things away in cupboards and boxes without actually thinking about it..we just chuck them out of site. The more disorganised your house is, the harder it can seem to muster the energy to whip it into shape. One solution – break big projects down into small tasks so what seemed impossible becomes achievable.

Try to set yourself a time limit for this process of establishing some semblance of order- for example-30 days to de-clutter, create that ‘ to keep’ pile and make an appointment for your Joinery company to come and discuss your requirements. C & S Interiors can take bookings as far in advance as you need-thus giving yourself a deadline to get organised , and streamline your stuff before they arrive ..!

Focusing on two areas here, the Home Office and the Hallway….these are two of the most popular areas clients like to consider built in storage solutions.

Office Storage

Before working out how much cupboard space you will actually need, and what you actually want on view and what you actually want hidden behind doors, get on top of PAPERS FIRST! We all do it, boxes of paperwork we could probably reduce. It seems to multiply before your very eyes doesn’t it…? Try to arrange your papers in categories….the easiest way is to get some box files  and label them up ;- Appliances Manuals, Household Bills, Receipts, Invoices…..and so on. Simply put your relevant paperwork into each labelled file.

Then measure the size of your box files vertically standing, allow some room around them, and you can calculate your shelf height.

The other office clutter, certainly for creatives and I know I do this, is keeping piles of magazines and tear sheets from articles we found interesting.

This ‘periodicals pile ‘can be culled only if we are strict with ourselves. If you haven’t read it or used it in say a year-bin it! You can always file things for later or a portion of a magazine by scanning and uploading it to save on your PC. Then I like to put tear sheets in clear plastic files, and then into drawers arranged in different categories…..for example, Bathroom Inspo, Kitchen Inspo, etc….then you can work out how many drawers you may need with your joiner, as you design your own, bespoke units.







This one has a great mixture of open shelves and drawers, with those well-organised box files.








And this Bespoke Office design works really well for corners-those vertical cupboards can contain all your stuff not worthy of being on display, and the walnut wood open shelves give an attractive way to put photos, memos and smaller items out that perhaps you use regularly.The under shelf lighting is a nice touch. Matt at C & S Interiors can advise you of all these options and design something similar with your storage needs in mind.


Create A Clean Entryway – Hall Storage

Hallways-they are literally DROP ZONES ….because we don’t have enough arms to delegate everything as we come flying through the door..! So often as an Interior Designer I see beautiful hall seating or benches completely swamped in stuff-that pile that never moves , it just evolves into varying degrees of ; “…must put those away…” to “…..oh shit , its toppled over ..” as we infact step over our out of control pile.

The simplest solution; Pare down and PUT AWAY !


Do a bit at a time. Coat closets and shoes storage is the one thing most clients want. Overstuffed under stairs cupboards and armies of shoes lined up at the door don’t tend to give the best impression as we enter our homes. Vac Pac away bulky winter coats and out of season CLOTHES and try to put shoes away in boxes or bags . Then decide how much wall space you actually want to give up to fitted cupboards……Then take an average measurement of the width of a coat hanger and divide your space into sections. How much hanging space do you need….? C & S interiors will help you with all this, and suggest rack systems and drawer systems for inside your cupboards. Leaving a raised shelf at the bottom for boots and shoes to tuck under is a simple idea, or perhaps if you have lots of shoes , something like a sloping rack/shelf can house more pairs . Use large fabric or rattan baskets at the top for miscellaneous things like hats, gloves , scarves etc. And the dog leads….? Simple hooks on the back of one of the doors…..

Door styles can be tailored to fit the style of your home……are you a minimalist..? In which case flat, sleek, spray-painted doors with long, pull handles would work best for you. Or if your home is more country style, tongue and groove panelled doors works really well…………perhaps adding some ornate ironmongery handles. Putting coving and skirting panels on adds a real solidity to your cupboards , and helps them blend in.



Clear your world of detritus-embrace the clean lines of harmonious space and repeat after me ;


“ Clutter-free is Stress-free” …..


Written by our in-house design expert, Bella Whiteley Interiors


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