How to Style Your Table for Christmas Like a Pro

The pièce de résistance of the Christmas dinner is a well-dressed table. Gone are the days of paper tissues as napkins as we welcome an array of stylish and interesting dressers.

If you’re looking to style yours like a pro or in need of some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven of our favourites.


You can’t go wrong with a traditionally dressed Christmas table. Think reds and golds and cranberries and juniper berries, complete with a traditional poinsettia and mistletoe, and your table is good to go; a comforting style that will suit anyone.


Image: House Beautiful


Contemporary table settings have their place in many a household. With sleek and stylish shapes, metallic materials and avant-garde designs, a contemporary table is the modern way to do Christmas Day.


Image: House Beautiful


Burlap, checks and woodland creatures will help complete the look. Add some stylish stags and pine cones for a country vibe that completes Christmas.


Image: House Beautiful


Elegant designs can mean different things to different people but we love a delicate combination of white and gold to bring our Christmas table to light. With this style, less is more, but the crisp colours add grace to any table.


Image: House Beautiful


Add accents of The Great Gatsby with an array of beads and sequins scattered across your table. Think royal hues and luxury flowers to add a sophisticated twist to a vintage trend.


Image: House Beautiful


Go all-out glam with shimmering lanterns, long-stem, silver candle sticks and splashes of rich colours such as golds, silvers and purples. A table the three kings would want to dine at.


Image: House Beautiful

Winter Wonderland

Sleigh bells will well and truly ring at this wonderland. With all-white everything, you’ll create a picturesque setting that will make anyone’s heart melt. Add white baubles, fake snow and snowflake designs for a cool and charming feel.


Image: House Beautiful

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog, jam-packed with helpful style guides.

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