Why supporting a local, small business can be beneficial for both the client, and the supplier

C & S  Interiors were delighted to be shortlisted for the 2017 Hammersmith and Fulham Brilliant Business Awards, for the second year running, in the;’ Best Design and Interiors Business’ category, C & S Interiors were honoured to be involved.


There were 50% more entries this year, and they were just pipped at the post to the top spot by a fellow local business. They did, however, receive their runner-up accolade with pride, and their customers recognise the value of being involved in such prestigious awards.


So if it is a local, West London based Design and Build firm you are looking for, be assured that by being recognised by Hammersmith and Fulham council as a successful, thriving local business, you will be guaranteed excellent customer service from the team here at C & S Interiors ‘.








Introducing our colleague, the Interior Designer Bella Whiteley, who with 22 years in the Interiors and Homes market, and additionally several years writing lifestyle features and Design Blogs, she shares her top tips and advice on working with professional trades. www.bellawhiteleyinteriors.co.uk


Choices, we are all bombarded with choices in life, everywhere we turn. But if we are looking to seek out a particular ‘ Lifestyle ‘ service or Tradesperson, how do we narrow down those ‘choices’ in a sensible way. We can take an ‘educated guess’ or pour over someone’s business website, but actually, THE best way to select a particular trade or business for the job in hand is by personal recommendation, and with the help of professional endorsements and accreditation.


This type of accolade can boost a businesses public profile no end. In my experience, as an Interior Designer, and sometimes project manager, doing your research before engaging someone’s  services is key to a smooth running project.


Selection, and customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is an important process for any small business. But how should you go about achieving such customer loyalty in your small business…? It all begins with the first point of contact…and then the ‘customer journey’ from there on in. Remember the client  has chosen you , out of all the other trades available to them, so friendly, affable staff and an enthusiastic welcome go a long way.


Certainly, the team at C & S  Interiors are very approachable, and the Director, Matt Rybak, welcomes your enquiry; whether your proposal is for a one-off piece of joinery, or for a whole property renovation. They pride themselves on customer service.Matt is approachable and very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.


Communication-The Customer Experience


Generally, the process of commissioning and working with a small building firm, and skilled joiners like C & S Interiors, can be made much simpler, and less daunting by working with local, skilled tradesmen, and by not having to deal with a very large team of people. Having one point of contact for your project , by way of the project manager, and then even knowing all your site team by name, is a huge advantage. If everyone is clear of their role, and there is a good , relaxed working atmosphere on site, then productivity will be increased and yes, you may even enjoy the experience of working with your friendly team!


Delivering a brief


As an Interior Designer, one key fact of having good relations with a smaller scale building firm , is that you get to know their style of working, and what their strengths are. They may specialise in something in particular , and that’s what drew you to their website or advertisement. For example C & S can produce sleek, stylish fitted wardrobes and cupboards , or even entire walls of media units, to house all that clutter we don’t necessarily want to see out on display. They will  take detailed site measurements , and then produce drawings for your project, and mood boards and samples to help you, the client, visualise your space.




Nothing says luxury more than a smoothly operating, self-closing door or drawer, with a well executed, handle detail. Fine joinery at its best…!

Completion and after sales care


I often get asked as an Interior Designer; “ but what happens after a project…what if something needs adjusting….what if something breaks and I need aftercare service…? “

Rest assured, that by working with a small business, you won,t get overlooked in the system, and you already have built up that all-important working relationship, so the team remain approachable, even after project completion is official. Sometimes joinery takes a while to ‘settle’ in its new home, so a tweak here and there of the hinges can make all the difference to that all-important door alignment and end-user satisfaction. Maintaining their good reputation is everything to a small business, so all good feedback and happy clients is their goal. Matt can advise you every step of the way.


Building Customer Loyalty


– Often when commissioning builders and joiners to work with you, there ends up being MORE work which evolves during a project, or perhaps you have been so impressed with your local trades, you would like to commission them again. No problem! Some small businesses can discuss offering a modest  incentive for you , whether that be a financial bonus or perhaps some help with a Design concept for free, to help facilitate your brief , and vision. Everything can be discussed , and there are always lots of options open. Having confidence in your supplier makes for the whole process to be as smooth as possible , and you know that everything is taken care of, personally , by your local team.




The Circular Economy Concept – many small businesses now operate with this as their template.

More and more building firms are acknowledging the need to help preserve the environment and minimise wastage and any potential , environmental harm.If this is important to you when selecting a business to work with ,  then why not discuss this with your project manager early on. Designs can be executed to minimise any waste and pollution, and materials can be selected for their inherent eco-friendly properties. For example, woods from sustainable farmed sources, or chemical free paints can all be selected. There is such a huge range now, its very exciting for the new breed of eco-conscious consumer !

The idea is that companies such as C & S  Interiors like to build things to last . By choosing to work with quality materials and with skilled trades in the first instance, your renovation project and certainly your lovely, new fitted joinery will last for many many years. If things need a refresh in years to come, or you want a small upgrade to say your kitchen unit doors, no problem , you can build on the items you already have, and just make some small changes by adding a few new pieces.








‘You are only as good as your last job….’  Is the absolute mantra for any small business. Successfully completed projects , with satisfied clients and pleasing visual results, really do sell your services for you. C & S  Interiors can provide customer testimonials of satisfied  clients…..and if you would like to see any of their work, then do get in touch. Perhaps 2018 is the year you finally decide to do that renovation project….or move to your dream home……with a little help from some great , trustworthy builders .


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